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Life Should Not Be A Juggling Act.


Do you fell like juggling priorities just isn't working anymore and you need some help? Or maybe you're tired of the daily grind and need a hand doing those things you just don't want to do. Whether it's a few hours or a few days a week, I'll help with all of your "to do's" so you can feel in control again.  I'll be your Personal Affairs Manager, there when you need me. I have the maturity to handle all of your affairs with the utmost discretion and care, giving you more time to enjoy every day.


Daily Tasks Manager

Does your To Do List just keep growing?  I can take some of those tasks off your hands so you can have more time to enjoy life,  I’ll plan your meals, arrange your travel and vacations, prepare correspondence, manage home repairs, keep your calendar and remind you of appointments. I can plan your dinner party, or be your chef and prepare dinner for 2 or 20. My specialty is making those annoying phone calls to clarify a bill, price out new internet services or insurance plan, or negotiate a new purchase. I'll be there to help with whatever I can to make your life more enjoyable. 

Relocation Manager

You've decided to sell the house, maybe to downsize, be closer to family, or to live where you have daily assistance. Year's of memories to sort and pack and it can be overwhelming. I understand the emotions and attachment and will gently guide you to select what to keep and what to part with. Then I will help you find a place for everything you keep, making it simple to stay organized while you show the house.   And I will help locate the perfect home for what needs to go.  I can list items of value for sale on-line, select an appropriate auction house or consignment shop or help choose a deserving local charity that can put almost anything to good use. Once it's time to move I can arrange for movers, packing, utility shut off and restart and the myriad of details involved in making your move a smooth, low-stress transition. 

Household Manager

I’m a pretty good handy-woman, and can undertake most small home projects myself.  But when it calls for a professional, I have a list of tried and proven providers to call on for minor repairs and maintenance or major home improvements. Over the years I have overseen major renovations to several of my own homes, so I know what's involved, how to review a contract, and can work with contractors on a professional level.  I will oversee the project to get the job done right, on time and at a fair price. You can sit back and enjoy being home.

Financial Manager

Lost track of your budget and where all the money is going? I can manage all of your bills and expenses and help you find money saving alternatives.  Together we can develop a budget so you know how much you need for the fixed costs of living, and can feel free to spend the rest on what you enjoy doing.

As part of regular financial management, I can organize documents and personal papers, compile tax records  for your accountant, verify bills and prepare checks, reconcile bank statements and help maintain positive cashflow.  Other services include help with preparing an Advance Directive, Power of Attorney, Wills and Trusts working with your professional advisor, or recommending professionals that you can rely on.

Medical Affairs Manager

I am a compassionate caregiver who can provide the help that you or a loved one need when an illness occurs.  I will provide the non-medical services that will allow you to live well in your own home, or help you select and transition to a care facility.  As needed, I will locate, monitor and pay for medical care and home health services, arrange deliveries of meals, medications and other medical supplies, escort to medical appointments and document discussions, review, track and pay for medical charges and process insurance claims.  I'll be your advocate with hospitals, doctors and insurance providers.  And, I'll be your champion providing emotional, physical and spiritual support to enhance your joy, wellness and dignity every day.

Technology Manager

Need help with clearing out email, using a new computer application, finding the best cable plan, tracking expenses, shopping on-line, writing reports or organizing your photos?  With over thirty years experience in the technology field,  I have the expertise with MAC and PC, iPhone and Android, to help you make the best use of what technology has to offer. 


Please call or email me to arrange a time to meet and develop a support plan that will help you get everything done.


Hi, I’m Donna.  I have a college degree and over 30 years of success in the business world.  I have  built and managed professional teams and overseen multi-million dollar programs.  I have chosen this new career path because it makes me happy to apply all I've learned in business and in life to helping others  have more time to enjoy what makes them happy.  What I like most about my job is that every day is different, and I get to know great people like you.  I am resourceful, dependable and discrete, and I look forward to becoming your personal affairs manager.



Donna Brookes

Personal Affairs Manager

I'll Be Their, LLC

Annapolis, MD

I'll Be Their, LLC does not provide any licensed advice: legal, accounting, financial, medical, or real estate. 
We do not take the place of  licensed professionals but complement the services that they provide.

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